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Patient Centered Care: Stay Out of the Cool Kids Club

Jul 23, 2020

Patient Centered Care: Stay Out of the Cool Kids Club Have you ever noticed how we tend to develop subgroups or “cool kids clubs” whenever we find ourselves in large groups?  Of course you have; after all what else are cliques and ‘gatekeeping’ if not evidence of our well-honed ability to perpetually form smaller and […]

Persistent Pain? Must be the Patient’s Fault. After All i’M tHe sPeCiAlIsT.

Jul 06, 2020

Persistent Pain? Must be the patient’s fault. After all: i’M tHe SpEcIaLiSt I spend a lot of time, both on this blog and on social media, talking about how you, the patient, have power and have control over your own experience.  This is both a true and an optimistic statement.  But there also seems to […]

Communication Matters: Pain Relief Through Not Being a Jerk

Jun 19, 2020

Communication is key.  I want you to think about the last time you sought services from a healthcare provider or fitness coach.  What image or main idea did they communicate to you?  How did they describe the service they provided?  How did they describe your need for that service?   Let’s be more specific.  Did they […]

The Pain Relieving Power of Positive Cues

Jun 14, 2020

How does manual therapy and passive care provide pain relief? This is the million dollar question for pain relief based therapies.  And positive cues are the million dollar answer.  This is the very reason why we currently have hundreds of different named pain-resolution techniques and systems. We have seen explanations ranging from “auras” and “energy” to […]

Patient Care: Every Patient is an Athlete? Maybe Not…

Jun 14, 2020

The realm of pain and patient care is a very diverse landscape.  Physical medicine and rehabilitation science have progressed to the extent in which we can take some blood, isolate all the stuff that helps you heal faster and then just inject all of those healing bits at a higher density.  We can 3D print-grafts […]

The Healing Power of a Confident Therapist

May 27, 2020

The Resilient Strength Blog The healing power of a confident therapist Pain therapists perform a job that is intimately concerned with the individual experience.  Therefore the care provider’s role is to go far beyond mechanistic approaches and embrace a more interpersonal client/patient relationship.  From this truth a very important question arises.  Does the provider’s mannerism […]